Gunold presents their comprehensive range of embroidery threads, embroidery backings, foils, specialty fabrics and accessories.
To mention just a few: the embroidery viscose threads SULKY, the polyester threads POLY, the flame retardant thread POLY FIRE or the specialty “glow-in- the dark” thread GLOWY.
Gunold’s one of a kind range of backings speaks for itself.
The variety of specialty fabrics such as STEP, FELTY, TWILLY or PUFFY inspires creativity even further.
Adhesive sprays, needles, scissors and many more specialty products complement the wide range of embroidery supplies.

POLY SPARKLE – Metallized Polyester Thread

Function meets glamour - POLY SPARKLE is hard-wearing and sparkling, because a polyester thread is twisted with a metallic thread. In many exciting color combinations, embroideries and decorative seams appear harmonious, subtle and yet very noble. The polyester component makes the thread hard-wearing and soft, the metallic thread lets POLY SPARKLE sparkle and glitter. All in all, the result is a wonderful effect thread with a whole new look.


FILAINE - Acrylic Embroidery Thread with a Woollen Feel

Acrylic wool combines the natural look of wool with the durable properties of acrylic. A perfect combination of design and Technology for many embroidery and seam applications. FILAINE convinces by its fine wool texture is robust in processing and convinces by its high tear and abrasion resistance.


GLOWY - Fluorescent Embroidery Threads with Luminosity

When threads glow in the dark … ... they are specially treated. If light, sunlight or UV light hits GLOWY, the thread stores the light and emits it again in the dark - the thread glows. The duration of the light exposure determines the intensity of the luminosity, which slowly decreases and disappears again.