KK 100 adhesive spray, 500 ml

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Product information "KK 100 adhesive spray, 500 ml"

For Temporary Fixation 

Product description 
The adhesive spray KK 100 / KK 100 Economy fixes stretchy fabrics and knitwear and thus prevents warping of the knitwear during the embroidery process. It is ideal for holding die-cuts in place for appliqués and small pre-cut parts, such as trouser pockets and collars for further processing. Delicate items that you don‘t want to hoop to avoid pressure marks can be easily positioned for embroidery. Smooth fabrics are prevented from slipping by fixing with adhesive spray KK 100 / KK 100 Economy; no pins or tacking necessary. 

Tip: Store spray at room temperature for 24 hours prior to application

You can avoid stains by
  • keeping a distance of 25 - 30 cm
  • spraying paringly and not on the fabric to be embroidered, but on the backing, e.g.  on embroidery backing

The advantages at a glance:
  • Colour: transparent
  • Acid value: acid-free
  • non-toxic
  • almost odourless
  • flammable
  • packaging: 500 ml cans

Suitable for:
  • Stretchable fabrics and knitwear: to prevent warping of knitwear, use KK 100 / KK 100 ECONOMY to temporarily bond embroidery nonwoven and fabric.
  • Appliqués: KK 100 / KK 100 ECONOMY fixes appliqués accurately for the embroidery process.
  • Smooth fabrics: KK 100 / KK 100 ECONOMY prevents smooth fabrics from slipping - spray on embroidery nonwoven and press-on fabric. 
  • Cuts: KK 100 / KK 100 ECONOMY secures cuts on the embroidery nonwoven - ideal for trouser pockets, collars, ...
  • Pieces which you do not want to hoop in order to avoid pressure marks. Hoop STIFFY embroidery nonwoven, spray with KK 100 / KK 100 ECONOMY, secure parts to be embroidered.

Material Composition:
Adhesive: Vinyl acetate polymer 
                                 Solvent: Methylal
                                 Propellant gas (aerosol): dimethyl ether (DME)

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Safety Data Sheet     


Instructions for Use and Care

  • Shake before use. Always spray away from the body. Observe the safety instructions on the can.
  • KK 100 and KK 100 ECONOMY is suitable for all textiles and many porous materials. The adhesive force may differ slightly according to the nature or treatment of the fabric. Textile fabrics often contain finishes then the adhesive force may be is increased when the fabric has been previously ironed. When indicated, carry out an adhesive test before final processing.
  • Hold the can 10"-12" (approx. 30 cm), as upright as possible from the surface to be sprayed.
  • For proper concentration of the glue, press the nozzle down as far as possible.
  • Before gluing, allow the adhesive to dry for 30 seconds.
  • The adhesive strength can vary slightly depending on the nature or treatment of the fabric. Textile fabrics often contain finishes and the adhesive strength is increased if the fabric has been ironed beforehand.

  • When the can is almost empty, it may be necessary to rotate the spray nozzle to finish the content of the can.
  • Should the spray nozzle clog up, turn the can upside down and spray. If this does not unclog the spray nozzle, exchange it with the nozzle of another can. (Suggestion: save nozzles from empty cans). Spray nozzles can be cleaned by soaking in turpentine for a few minutes.
Important: Never insert needles or similar objects into the nozzle as this may deform the spray channel, damaging the misting spray pattern.

The compositions of our adhesive sprays are balanced in terms of active ingredient content (amount of adhesive) and propellant content so that only as much propellant gas escapes with each spray burst as is required for the application of the adhesive. The total propellant content of a can is thus matched to the total adhesive content.
A prerequisite for ensuring that the optimum mixing ratio is maintained over the entire shelf life of the can, and thus also over 100% of the adhesive contained, is that both components can distribute/combine in an adequately homogeneous manner.
For this, an appropriately intensive shaking before each use as well an upright, at most a slightly inclined position of the can during use, is indispensable!
If these "golden rules" are not taken into account, more propellant gas than adhesive will be applied and thus used up, leaving a considerable amount of adhesive in the can that cannot be applied due to the lack of propellant.

When handled properly, KK 100 or KK 100 ECONOMY will not stain even delicate fabrics. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to carry out a preliminary test with the fabric or material you wish to process.
However, if you should have any problems with stains, please proceed as follows:
  • Maintain a distance of about 25-30 cm from the target surface for optimum coverage
  • Use the spray adhesive sparingly and on one side only
  • Always spray the smaller or the less sensitive part of the materials to be bonded

If any stains occur due to incorrect handling, we recommend consulting a professional dry cleaner and letting them know the data of the material composition.

Of course you can also try to remove the stain yourself. We recommend to get one of the listed solvents in a drugstore or pharmacy. 
  • Place felt underneath stain.
  • Soak a piece of fabric (preferably of the same kind as the embroidered fabric) in denatured alcohol and rub stain.
  • Should there be any rings as a result from stain removal, rub rings again with soaked piece of fabric and dry fast, using an iron. But do not place iron directly onto fabric. Use it only it as a heat source 1 cm above the fabric.